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The development of a strong concept starts with a good idea. We expand good ideas into tangible concepts. Making the right digital choices is more important than ever. At each phase of the project, we join you in reflecting on your project, and help you in making the right choices. What target audience do you want to appeal to and which goals do you want to achieve? Together, we create a strong concept and a clever strategy.

Platform concept
User Experience

We design user-friendliness.

Visitors of websites, apps and platforms only see the visual design. However, there is research, well-considered interaction and prototyping underlying every pixel. Interaction design ensures a good user experience. Whether users are browsing or purposefully searching, the interaction must fit their activities seamlessly. A proper interaction design leads to user-friendliness, and to the achievement of goals.

App design flow
Visual Design

Sleek and modern design.

Visual Designs connects the user experience with a brand’s house style. It is the visual layer that creates a gripping brand experience. Together, we search for the right balance between form and function.

To allow the product’s design to work as consistently as possible, we work out each element on every page to the smallest detail. Our modern and professional style guarantees a slick end-result. Every facet of the product is designed with attention to detail, and can be directly taken over by the developers.

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Platform visual design
Responsive Design

Every screen tailor-made.

Due to the increasing use of mobile devices, responsive design must be a primary consideration during the design process. To use smartphone and tablets as conversion channels in the mobile market, you need a mobile design. Users simply expect a complete experience on every device.

By returning the concept to its core, we are capable of designing an appropriate solution for every screen size. This way, we ensure simple flows, clear navigation, optimised layout, and a distinct house style.

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Platform and app responsive design

A gripping brand.

A digital product is not complete without a prominent look and feel. Consistent and recognisable branding creates a sense of calm and enhances positive user experience. Therefore, we document the components to be used per channel in the digital style guide. A unique appearance starts with a strong logo, expressive typography and gripping imagery and language design.

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Digital brand identity

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