Working smart

Comitted developers.

There is a lot involved in the construction of sustainable websites, webshops and web platforms. Due to the complexity involved, technical departments these days are still part of the team that conceives and designs the products. We have our own ideas about that.

To keep the lines of communication short and the pixels tight, our developers work in close cooperation with the strategists and designers who conceive and create the product’s blueprint. We also incorporate your provisional feedback in the product. We don’t just meet upon product delivery.

Comitted developers
Content Management Systeem

User-friendly for you, too.

Experience teaches us that the maintenance of content must be as user-friendly for you as it should be for the end-user. If adding pages, photos or videos takes too long, product yield decreases in the long run.

We optimise the product back-end so that you can properly manage your content. For example, we crop images to the right size, and provide simple tools for the layout and design of texts and the modification of elements.

WordPress Content Management System (CMS)

Thoroughly considered for every device.

Consumers are increasingly mobile. If they want to quickly find or buy something, they increasingly reach for their phone or tablet. Therefore, we work out strategies and designs specifically aimed at mobile devices.

For these ideas and designs to come to life, we use the latest techniques and web standards. We create mobile experiences that are constructed exactly as intended. Subtle animations and page speed are key factors. Every second you have to wait is too long on a mobile device.

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Responsive websites, platformen and apps


All our digital products are tailor-made. This means we find a fitting technical solution for every project. A one-size-fits-all framework does not exist.

If a website primarily revolves around content, we often opt for WordPress. Managing content has been optimised to such an extent in WordPress that the barrier between content and design disappears entirely. WordPress can be used flexibly, as an enterprise CMS for webpages of any size.

For the development of more complex platforms, we use the Laravel framework. Partly due to the huge number of developers who make use of Laravel in today’s world, it is becoming the standard for back-end developers.

We also develop many products for which content management is not necessary: interactive experiences, infographics and games. These products centre entirely on experience and are completely custom-made.

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Custom WordPress and Laravel projects
SEO and Strategy

Analysing and responding.

In a certain sense, the performance of a digital product is equal to the number of achieved conversion goals. We define these goals in advance of any project. We evaluate the product by analysing how it is actually being used. Subsequently, we use our insights to optimise the content structure, design and code. By analysing and responding structurally, a long-term strategy arises.

Search-engine optimisation plays a large role in some projects. If there is a lot of competition, it could even be a decisive factor. This is why we consider the influence our design choices will have on the SEO strategy at each of project phase. For larger projects, we often collaborate with partners that are fully specialised in SEO.

SEO search engine analysis
Cloud & Security

Everything in the cloud, locked away and secured.

Each website, webshop and web platform collects an enormous amount of data about its users. This means that measures must be taken to ensure that this data is stored safely and securely; for you and for your customers.

In addition to the development of the digital product, we also provide a technical structure which ensures everything is available at any time. We only use dedicated cloud-based SSD servers. So we know our products are safe, scalable and super-fast.

Everything in the cloud, locked away and secured
Iterative process

There is no such thing as an end-product.

To keep growing in the digital world, it is important to innovate continually. The market is changing, and as it does, so do the consumer wishes and desires and competitor behaviour. There is no such thing as a final version for a good digital product.

A future-resilience strategy uses agile development to remain one step ahead of consumer demand. Therefore, from the first consultation, we work towards making ground-breaking leaps.

Agile development process

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