Visual communication

Video marketing as a strategy.

No single medium is as effective in telling a story or conveying a message as video. In other words, online visual communication is the most effective way to approach your audience. Video entices and stimulates your customers.

We see video as an integral part of online strategy. Due to our online background, we know how, where, and when your target audience views videos – and use this information to align the concept, the content and the distribution of your video. We create commercials, branded-content and corporate films that are viewed and which convert.

Video marketing as a strategy

A unique commercial for your brand.

Commercials are videos with an impact. A good commercial inspires, says something about your brand, and entices your target audience to take action. We combine creativity with clear goals. Because a commercial is as good as the number of times it is viewed.

In today’s world, a commercial is no longer exclusively made for television. The target audience is more readily reached online and through social media. A commercial is an affordable way to reach many people. A web video also makes direct conversion to a website or webshop possible.

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A unique commercial for your brand
Branded content

Strengthen your brand with branded content.

Branded content stimulates the dialogue between brand and target audience. By frequently creating videos for social media that inspire your target audience, you strengthen your brand name. Customers will more readily opt for your brand.

We produce short, stimulating video series that involve your target audience. First, we investigate what types of videos will appeal to your specific target audience. Next, we create a concept that fits well with your brand values. Then, having aligned your concept with your target audience, we determine a distribution strategy.

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Strengthen your brand with branded content
Corporate film

A corporate film.

A professional video on your website is unmissable. It not only lends a face to your brand, but it also shows potential customers who you are and what you stand for. The trust a video inspires informs purchase decisions.

After the first meeting, our team of multidisciplinary creatives work on a fitting concept for your brand. We develop a gripping concept that fits seamlessly with your marketing objectives, budget and vision. Once a concept has been given the green light, we take responsibility for the entire video production.

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